About Us

About Our Ears

Each ear is handcrafted with comfortable headbands and beautiful silk flowers or fabrics, ensuring that no two are exactly alike! They make the perfect crown jewel for your days of magic at the parks. We try to ensure our photographs capture each of our creations perfectly, but colors may vary slightly from the actual picture. 

Headbands are one size fits most (adults and & children over 5). However, requests can be made to have a headband that will fit younger children.

Our treasures are carefully constructed with love from high-quality materials with pixiedust. As one certain Greek hero said, can go the distance, but are fragile like a glass slipper, so just make sure they are packed carefully when traveling on your adventures! Although the ears are very durable and sturdy, they should not be washed. 

We recommend either removing ears or holding onto them on faster rides.

Ears - How We Compare to the Competitors

Typical complaints from Ear Companies is that sequin ears are (1) heavy and (2) hurt your head over a period of time. Our headbands are made to be worn all day without the dreaded headache by midnight. The other brands' ears weigh (on avg) 3.5 oz; our ears avg. weigh-in 2.6 oz. We use the most durable, light-weight material but do not sacrifice quality. Our ears are stuffed with high quality stuffing, not cotton balls. To ensure your ear pieces won't fall off, our ears are sewn to the headband for high quality, durability, and light-weight for all day wear. 

Custom Sequin Orders

If you would like a custom order for a color of ears and another color of a bow please use the contact form.

About Our Tees

Our shop is contracted with a highly reputable company who does magic with your Tee orders. If you have any questions on your order please read our Policies prior to contacting our shop!

Meet the Maker

Self proclaimed "head pixie in-charge" Stacy is a natural born Disney lover. Since she was little she would have the cassette tape of the Beauty and the Beast movie on repeat during car rides singing every song, repeating every word. Now as a young adult Stacy is trying to figure out how to be a successful adult, post-graduation, and runs away to Walt Disney World on the weekends. 

Besides Disney, Stacy loves the simple pleasures of life like sunflowers, french fries, cuddles with her beloved pooch, and diving deep into a TV show series. Follow her adventures on her personal Instagram @StacyTally.